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Do you wish to go on a bobsleigh ride whatever the weather all-year round? Then why not? Take a trip as far as the central park in Lipno nad Vltavou in South Bohemia, continue 100 m on foot, and that’s where you’ll see them: two intertwined Bobsleigh Tracks – an Alpine coaster and Bobsleigh Track. This unique project is the only place in the Czech Republic where you will find both track types together!

On the brand new Alpine coaster you can enjoy a ride with something like a bird’s eye view, the highlight being two almost 360° loops. Thanks to its safety belts and automatic brakes, the new track is more suitable for families with children. The original kilometre-long Bobsleigh Track will likely be more appreciated by sportier riders. In both cases you control your own speed by using the brakes. Convenient ski lifts take you to the start of the tracks.

Children from 3 years of age must be accompanied by their parents, while those aged 8 years and up can take a ride on their own. The year-round family resort also includes a stylish wooden pub and a number of varied attractions for children. The entire site is also accessible to disabled persons.


Slupečná 301,
382 78 Lipno nad Vltavou


tel +420 602 780 726    obalka